Saturday, August 14, 2010

Blueberry sauce for plain yogurt

I thought I would share this idea for those of you who would like to make plain yogurt more interesting without it becoming the sugar-bomb that flavored yogurts are.

I make our yogurt in a quart size yogurt maker. I add gelatin just before I start cooling it down and let the yogurt incubate or 5 hours. It comes out with a wonderful thick consistency and tangy taste. Of course for most of us including my kids and husband this tangy taste it too much to enjoy eating it straight. In a pinch I eat my yogurt with some frozen blueberries thrown in and a small handful of granola. No other sweetener. For the kids I usually use honey or if I have time I make a blueberry sauce, which when strirred in turns plain yogurt into something very similar to a store version.

I don't actually have exact measurements. I just use a small saucepan and fill it half with frozen blueberries (bulk from Azure Standard). I add some water, maybe half a cup in which I have dissolved some arrowroot powder (could use cornstarch) for thickening. How much water and thickening agent depends on how you like your sauce, do you want more blueberries or more sauce and do you want it runny or like jelly? I start heating it to boiling and add some honey, maybe 3 Tbsp (?) I make it rather sweet. Too sweet when eaten straight since it will be mixed with yogurt and is supposed to sweeten it too. Again, depends on how sweet you want it. Just try it and experiment a little. When you think you hit on the right combination for your family write it down!

Then I just keep the finished sauce separate in the fridge and mix up little with yogurt before serving. Not sure what would happen if you added it to your whole batch of yogurt. Might work.

This could also be done with strawberries, raspberries etc. but you would deal with seeds then unless you strain it.....too much work!

This is how my husband eats the yogurt if there is no blueberry sauce around: He uses Nesquick Chocolate Syrup and makes chocolate yogurt out of it!!!! Yuck!!

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