Traditional versus Modern Diets

Traditional Diets Maximized Nutrients versus Modern Diets Minimize Nutrients

Foods from fertile soil versus Foods from depleted soil

Organ meats preferred over muscle meats versus Muscle meats preferred, few organ meats

Natural animal fats versus Processed vegetable oils

Animals on pasture versus Animals in confinement

Dairy products raw and/or fermented versus Dairy products pasteurized or ultrapasteurized

Grains and legumes soaked and/or fermented versus
Grains refined, and/or extruded

Soy foods given long fermentation, consumed in small amounts versus Soy foods industrially processed, consumed in large amounts

Bone broths versus MSG, artificial flavorings

Unrefined sweeteners versus Refined sweeteners

Lacto-fermented vegetables versus Processed, pasteurized pickles

Lacto-fermented beverages versus Modern soft drinks

Unrefined salt versus Refined salt

Natural vitamins occurring in foods versus Synthetic vitamins taken alone or added to foods

Traditional cooking  versus Microwave, Irradiation

Traditional seeds, open pollination versus Hybrid seeds, GMO seeds